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MyClean Land and Water

“My Clean Land and Water  is committed to clean water and

productive land for all the people” 

My Clean Land and Water (MCLAW), that includes My Clean River, represents a group of professionals whose objective is to promote healthy and clean waterways and productive land for all the community. Its current objective is to return the Swan Rive system to a healthier state. It is committed to a win-win resolution by informing the community and to help government to take responsible measures. In 2004, the river was declared by government to be a Heritage Icon, today one expert likened it to a “cemetery” and dying. The Auditor General in 2014 confirmed it as being in decline describing the then Swan River Trust (now part of DPaW) performance as… ………………….. some small scale programs have contributed to improving the condition of the rivers but the Trust has had little success in addressing the broader scale issues that would likely lead to measurable improvement in river health. This site supports the release of understandable information on river health that even the Auditor General has sought since 2014 without success. Such information is important to keep the public informed to gain their understanding and support and by that begin to halt the river’s decline. My Clean Land and Water’s simple primary mission is to promote substantive management cost savings and health improvements for the Swan and Canning rivers. Media Response The most recent media report on algal blooms. Government health warnings of 21 April 2017. Media report of 22 April 2017. Media report of 5 May 2017. Media report of 8 May 2017 ABC Radio interview (5 mins at 44.45 mins). MCR media releases Media release of 22 April 2017 (download pdf) Media release of 24 April 2017 (download pdf The Report The full Swan 2017 Resource report (ca. 320 pages as at 6/06/18)  will be available freely for downloading as a PDF file pending the outcome of discussion and review with relevant authorities.  (If you would like to be notified of its release please email us.)


This is a document prepared by a group of concerned citizens of Perth as a contribution towards our river system. Your comments and input will help improve the understanding of the river and with that, improving its management. Any contribution, by way of comments or substantive input, will be acknowledged at your discretion. Eventually the whole report will be included on the website. This is simply a first step towards halting the managed decline of our river by tick box.    
Next Next Views of the premier picnic spot on the Swan at Matilda Bay (24/04/17). Shows consequences of excessive phosphorus.    Note. Species not identified but it could be a type of filamentous green algae called Cladophora or one of a couple of similar species (e.g.Chaetomorpha).  Cladophora can be a problematic algae as its growth can be quite extensive and thrives in nutrient enriched waters (particularly phosphorus). Middle of the rainy season, 24/07/17 at York on the Avon River. A permanent govt. warning of NO DIRECT WATER CONTACT ACTIVITIES