Partnering & Sponsorship

Sponsors are part of the My Clean community

MCI interacts with existing groups, as an integral member and partner to achieve mutually agreed outcomes benefits and share experiences and knowledge. Examples of groups eligible for partnering include: Nagar Palikas, civic officials Concerned citizen groups Schools, colleges and universities Offices Volunteer groups like resident welfare associations, industry associations, business associations, other NGOs.

Sponsors promote sustainability

Businesses are always on the lookout for opportunities to promote themselves and seen as good corporate citizens. Sponsorship ensures responsiveness to the needs of the community while the sponsors themselves become active members of the wider network. Sponsors by becoming partners  offers many advantages over government and other public funding.

Opportunities for sponsorship

Acknowledgment Certificates Prizes and awards for students and others that contribute to MCI Aims. Plaques for meritorious contributions to the environment. Publicity, such as videos, posters, fliers and other media Litter bins Posters Events eg Clean up days My Clean India website. T Shirts, caps, buttons Banners Videos, training programs and other electronic media.

Who could be a sponsor?

Businesses, especially those with an environmental interest. Business associations Government agencies Media (but take care with exclusivity as it could inhibit competitive media participation).
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