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economics. A former CEO of a government agency described the report as “dynamite” for the government especially if released at time of adverse river conditions. The report is therefore valuable to the Labor Government that was elected in March 2017. The report implicitly shows that until it lost government in 2008, the Labor Government began to undertake measures to deal with the river directly including pollution through its Fertiliser Action Plan and the progressive Swan and Canning Rivers Management Act 2006. As the report makes clear, since 2008, the Coalition Government failed to achieve the pollution target which in the opinion of MCR is actually impossible to achieve by the current scope. The new Labor Government can therefore enhance its stature by correcting for incomplete river management by providing information and by acknowledging respect for UNEP’s Agenda 21 to provide a role for the Indigenous people to preserve biodiversity. For the government, adopting the recommendations of the report will not only reduce administration costs, boost tourism for Western Australia but be seen as a progressive government. 2.5.1 A PROGRESSIVE STATE The State now has the opportunity to become a role model for the country, helped in part by reflecting the recent development in New Zealand to recognise the river for its indigenous people (2.1.2). 2.6 STAKEHOLDERS The stakeholders are Government, the Indigenous Noongar Whadjuk people and the residents of Western Australia. The relevant portfolios with government are, Tourism, Aboriginal Affairs, Water and the Environment. Other potential stakeholders include the Committee for Perth which has indicated interest in Indigenous participation, and perhaps resource developers which can, in co-funding the Centre, enhance their community stature and underline their commitment to the Aboriginal people.