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YOU CAN BE THAT CATALYST The community is frustrated by a fallen tree and it would have remained there but for a little boy who just does it. The impossible outcome happens. The little boy is a catalyst for the people to focus. My Clean India is about acknowledging such “little boys” - they are the champions. Or go to
YOU CAN BE THE CHANGE It only takes one person to step out to create the change. The lady was being the change she sought. Or got to
CREATE SPACE FOR THE PASSION This young lady speaks about unity and the  importance of the youth now encapsulated in  UN Agenda 21, Chap 25 creating a role for the  youth shaping the environment. Or go to.
STAY ON THE VISION Stay focussed on the distance, the outcome  you seek, Or go to.
LISTEN, TALK LESS The entrepreneurs dont come to meetings. click to watch or  go to TED.
MY CLEAN INDIA BEGINS How it began in Nainital (as included in the previous PowerPoint presentation. click to watch or Youtube
INCENTIVES REDUCE CREATIVITY Create freedom, create space.
The following videos show aspects of the spirit of My Clean. They talk of just do it; step out; the finger points to us; the youth are vital to the future stay focussed on the future, the outcome you seek; and listen more (talk less). Enjoy!
ENROL INTO THE WHY not the what .
A PowerPoint presentation click to watch or Youtube
SLUM INNOVATION click image to web. .
THREE INSPIRATIONS including you can only join the dots after the event!. .