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Remco van Santen

Remco is a former director of a chemical industry consultancy (BSc,BEc, MBA) with three children residing in Perth Western Australia. He is passionate about empowering the youth, building community and helping create a prosperous and beautiful environment. See www.mycleanindia.in at http://mycleanindia.in/remco.html How Remco began My Clean in India. More about Remco

Udita Tyagi

Dr. Udita Tyagi, doctorate in chemistry, is a social worker, poetess, stylist,

entrepreneur, Mrs. India Worldwide and now Mrs India International.

Presently she is a full time social worker and working for the youth education & empowerment under the auspices of her NGO csDishaa Foundation. She has started a social project "My Clean Ghaziabad" to inspire her city with the banner of being the "City of Flowers". Now she is President and Brand Ambassador of My Clean India. Facebook profile  . More about Udita

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Remco van Santen International Facilitator remco @ mycleanindia.org